IKA international TV ad campain

Growing demand for our high-quality video productions and clients from a wide range of sectors coming to knock on our door made Out of Order productions quickly develop into a full-service video production company.


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35560 Tinajo

Tel: +34 639 45 08 14

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There is no doubt we are living in an exciting moment for visual media. Access topotential audiences is increasing at unforeseeable rates all whilst video production costs continue to decrease. Thanks to the internet and other new communication mediums,access to videos is now nearly free of charge, making video production the most cost effective communications resource to date.

OOO Productions will partner with you to ensure that you take full advantage of this revolutionary new medium and enjoy the process along the way. By combining years of professional experience with sound technical expertise, we wil make it easy for you to get your messages on the screen (be it PC, TV or web-based), with minimum fuss and maximum impact.


Our equipment list just got longer as we just adquired an HD DSLR 7D Canon camera with
a fantastic kit of Canon lenses, follow focus, matte box, monitor ... Those DSLR cameras are now used by film crews all over the world for movies, series, adverts alongside... 35mm camera ! You can now have those stunning cinema looking images for the price of a DV shoot. Have a look at the full list here.